ALM Real Estate Media Audience

Reaching Commercial Real Estate’s Leaders and Decision Makers

ALM Real Estate Media provides unparalleled access to key players across the industry, including the most exclusive groups of leaders: members of the C-suite and senior executives and decision makers.

Gender Male 78.5%
Female 21.5%
Average Age 49
Industry Experience 20+ Years 54.4%
11-20 Years 23.5%
0-10 Years 22%


Executive ­Level Decision Makers

Every market, every sector, every business discipline…our audience represents a diverse cross section of commercial real estate professionals. With 77% of our readership holding executive level positions, and with a mean portfolio value in excess of a half billion dollars, our audience has the financial resources to act. Our combined platforms provides clients an efficient way to leverage an influential network and reach a powerful audience.

Audience Facts
Average Portfolio Size 95,000
Average Transaction Volume 24,600
Has Purchasing Authority 48,000


Business Disciplines

Owners/Investors, Developers/Builders 35%
CRE Brokers 22%
Finance and Institutional Investors 20%
Property Managers 7%
Corporations 7%
Professional Services 6%
Government 3%

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