ALM Consulting Media Ad Specs

Native Advertising

Advertise within the flow and design of multimedia content while still pertinently delivering a message to a targeted audience. This can be strongly used as a vehicle to establish thought leadership in any relevant industry.

Headline Length

Recommended 50 to 75 characters (including spaces)


Recommend 25 to 30 words

Article Length

Recommended 200 to 750 words (longer isn't always better)

Full Image Size

300x300 pixels

Thumbnail Image Size

(thumbnail will be created from the full image to fit various page templates)

Sponsored By URL


Sponsored By Logo

Optional. PNG or EPS file with clear background (will be sized to fit various page templates)

Call to Action

"To learn more..." text at end of article with hyperlink-able call to action


728x90 and 300x600 ad creative (300x250 can be substituted for the 300x600)

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